Process and Overview of Sessions

hqdefaultSessions are usually scheduled once a month but more often if both agree for an hour each and usually for no more than six to ten sessions unless both agree that more meetings are indicated.  A fee is charged $35.00- $50.00 for first session and $50.00 for additional sessions. Each session usually includes in depth discussions, quiet time, prayer, meditation, feedback, practicing and goal setting. Usually personal and spiritual process work is given to be done between sessions including readings, journaling, meditation/prayer, etc. to be shared in the next session. During the session, guided meditations, questions and suggestions, various spiritual direction techniques and methodologies and other psycho-spiritual processes will be used to move the directee closer to where he/she wants to be in their spiritual lives and soul work. It is understood that both director and directee are both involved in spiritual process and growth, in a sense companioning with each other.